it seems fitting that i married a man who shared this deep nostalgia for both times lived and those we couldn't remember. we both value this nostalgia, the genuine compassion and empathy that we were both born with. at the end of the day, it draws us to people. we live for the connection, the genuine heart to heart, that occurs when two people meet and share a moment of their life - wether it be a brief crossing of paths or a lifetime.  this is our why. 

i am extremely grateful and fortunate to work besides my husband, while we oftentimes shoot weddings and couples together, you can expect most correspondences and shoots to be with me unless requested otherwise.




a visual


just a



my first introduction to the timelessness of photos were my grandmother's photo albums. these albums were curated after every family event as she carefully recorded our lives. these photographs became our time capsule - a memory when memory failed. A snapshot in time. 

i learned from an early age that sometimes photos are all we have, because none of this lasts, and that there are happy memories that can be relived through those albums.

" We had the best experience taking engagement pictures with MJ and Will. They did an amazing job making our vision come to life and we are THRILLED with the photographs. It was nearly impossible to pick only one for our save the dates. I can not recommend Homegrown Photography enough- we will cherish these photos for the rest of our lives.  "

Claire & Nick

" MJ & Will captured the magic of the day in a way that left my family, friends, and ourselves speechless. Five months later, we still have people raving about how incredible our photos turned out. We will continue to work with, recommend and support Homegrown for photography services moving forward because there is no better choice. "

hannah & Tony

" After several photoshoots with MJ and Will, they continue to impress with their professionalism and creativity. They have already begun beautifully documenting our growing family and they will be our go-to for many, many years to come. I can't recommend them enough. "

kahlynn & Evan

" The photos are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I love them SO MUCH! I am literally speechless and I can't stop looking at them. They are bringing me to tears! "

kristina & Jeremy



learn about homegrown's philosophy and what draws us to the art of the still image



i want to capture this moment in your lives and stop time. if for just a moment. these photographs are meant to be an experience, not just another thing to check off your list. these photographs will only increase in value over time as the images get passed down for generations. i’m passionate about capturing couples who believe in the value of meaningful, authentic photographs that will last a lifetime. 


i go in with the intent of showing how it felt to be there. feeling is my guide and i make sure that the way i’m interacting, shooting, and editing is reflective of who my couples are and how things actually felt. thus, my photography style is undefined and varies moment to moment, day by day. thank you for letting me capture you and your experience as felt. 

i need you to let go of everything you think this is going to be. take a deep breath and soak it all in. this moment is all there is. whether i’m helping to document you and your loved ones, the everyday, or a pivotal moment in your life; allow yourself to fully feel all emotions, live within the fleeting moments, embrace the stillness, the quiet. i will be working to echo your truth. the more you ground and allow yourself to become embodied, the more true these photos will be for you. let it go and let it be. this is where the magic happens.

"we are all connected by a common thread, this thread being the human experience. i strive to capture all that being human encompasses - connection, love and loss, light and dark, raw emotion, forgiveness, vulnerability, and so much more. "

at the end of the day, most any photographer can deliver good photos, but i want to give more than that - i want to hold space for you to show up completely as yourself with hearts wide open.  i strive to capture your unique experience here on earth at this specific point of time in your life. these photographs are personal, they're raw, they're real. how can these photographs encompass all that being human entails. how can they capture your unique story within our greater one? let's create something beautiful together that authentically preserve this milestone of your life, no matter how big or small. 

your experience

as a very intuitive and empathetic human being who is incredibly detail oriented, your shoot is extremely important to me. getting to know you and your desires helps me in compiling inspiration - taking key words of feeling, mood, importance, etc. your shoot is made to be unique to you. my style is undefined as i strive to capture the real, the genuine, the unfiltered, and the raw. each shoot is shot to be reflective of who my subject is / couples are and how things actually felt. by hiring me you are trusting in my artistic approach to your session. i deliver both color and black & white photos (usually 30 - 40% are black & white). 

for all of my sessions, i take a very hands off approach when documenting my couples to allow the magic of the moment and the authentic and genuine to be captured. for engagements, couples, maternity, etc. i'll provide general direction to get you set up and then let you melt into each shape and moment. for weddings, in all moments besides portraits, you can count on me being a wallflower and simply blending into the surroundings. nothing forced or artificial to allow the feeling of the day to shine through. apart from occasionally suggesting a different spot where light is better, i won't direct too much. after my wedding, the photographs most dear to will & i were the candid moments captured, some consciously lived through and others that we may have missed on the day. i wish to capture just this, the goosebumps, the gut busting laughs, the connection, the loud and the quiet, and the happily unplanned as the photographs taken will be handed down for generations, they're momentos of your life, and they're your little legacy.

libra. first born. yoga & meditation instructor.
sister, daughter, wife. she / her.

in today's society there are many descriptors & roles we each play. many of mine are listed above, but at the end of the day i'm simply a human being moving through this world with eyes & heart wide open.

when i'm not at the yoga & photography studio you can find me going on long runs, hikes, and skis with my husband and pup. movement out in nature and with loved ones is one my own personal therapies. after a long day of heart - based work there's nothing better than curling up at our cabin in jackson hole, wyoming and cooking, reading, or binge - watching our favorite show.

i grew up in the mountains and continue to dwell within them, however my heart lives by the sea and my soul continues to crave new connections and experiences. no matter where i'm at in the world i am continuously humbled by it's beauty. travel is one of the most important and beautiful freedoms we are granted and i'll be right by your side should you have a destination in mind for your shoot.

no matter who you are, where you live, what descriptors or roles you play, i would love to connect with you. to share your dreams and to capture your most precious moments.

x, mj

we are all connected by one common thread, this thread being the human experience. i strive to capture your experience here on earth at this specific point of time in your life. i strive to capture all that being human encompasses - connection, love and loss, light and dark, raw emotion, forgiveness, vulnerability, and so much more. these photographs are personal, they’re raw, they’re real. how can these photos be a gift to humanity, capturing your unique story within our greater one.  







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no story is one and the same. yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.